Posted by Oliver Bayer on Jul 23, 2018
Bonn Bad Godesberg.
Rotarians of the Rotary Club Bonn International (RCBI) supported the 2018 Rotaract Kids Camp D1810 held in Bonn at the Jugendzeltplatz in Bad Godesberg near the Kottenforst.
The Kids Camp is a five-day summer camp for children of families, for whom a vacation is not taken for granted. Expenses are covered with sponsorships for every single child by Rotarians and Rotary Clubs from the District 1810.
The Kids Camp D1810 took place from July 18th to July 22nd, for the third year in a row.
This year’s theme was “Fun with Asterix and Obelix”
The summer camp for underprivileged children was held under the auspices of the Urlaubskinder e.V. It was organized by D1810 Rotaractors and supported financially as well with hands-on activities by the Rotary Clubs of D1810.
Constantin von Kleinsorgen and Martin Kletke are both Rotarian members of RCBI and Rotaractor members of RAC Bonn.  Both had a significant role in planning and implementing the 2018 Kids Camp.
Six Rotarian members of RCBI volunteered to actively support at the camp.
For example, Francesco Belfiori, President 2018/19 of RCBI volunteered to set up the necessary infrastructure.
Already at RCBI’s handing over of office in the end of June, he stated that the Kids Camp would be one of the first and major projects he was looking forward to in his tenure. In addition to hands-on support RCBI also sponsored two of the 55 participating children. “I am very proud that Martin and Constantin showed so much effort. I also want to thank all other Rotarians from RCBI that made time to support this great cause”, says Francesco Belfiori.
Matching the theme „Fun with Asterix an Obelix“, each day of the camp was structured by a different edition of the comic series. For example, one day was designated to the volume “Asterix and Obelix in America” – in accordance the children had a barbeque where they could make their own burgers.
In general a lot of different activities and regional day trips were offered like visiting the near-by swimming pool or minigolf course. The Culmination of the camp was the “Bunter Abend”, a social evening at the last night of the Kids Camp whereby the Rotarian sponsors came to visit. They enjoyed dinner all together as well as a revue organized by the children themselves. 
"The social evening really is the highlight of the Kids Camp. Performances include dancing, drama and the like. Everything was thought through and organized by the children. The group leaders only supported when needed”, says Martin Kletke. 
Starting at an age of 15, some children who distinguished themselves by good examples can become so-called “Helferkinder” and contribute to the camp in the future. “We have some children who have already enthusiastically participated in the camp a couple of times and who would like to support it after they have grown out of the eligible camp age”, says Constantin von Kleinsorgen.
“On Sunday we had a big good-bye ceremony where everybody got a little emotional and some tears were shed. The children gave thanks to the helpers: In this moment, everyone knew why they volunteered and why they will come back next year.”